Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Better with Jesus

Many months ago I was surveying my many snowman knick-knacks with childlike pleasure.

"Snowmen make me happy," I said to my children. "I don't even really know why. Just like strawberries make your Grandmama happy."

Then something struck me. What could be better than snowmen? Well...

"The only thing better than snowmen would be building a snowman with Jesus," I said.

If there was a prize given for most childlike love of Jesus, I think I would be in the running every year. I picture him often: walking with him, running down a dirt road toward him, holding his hand, running to give him a hug, seeing him offer the chalice and bread to my family during Mass.

My children were like, "Yeah!" when I mentioned building a snowman with Jesus. They could see it as I could. And thus it began.

"Everything would be better with Jesus."

A snowball fight? Better with Jesus!

Playing soccer? Better with Jesus.

Seeing the Grand Canyon? Better with Jesus.

Playing fetch with the dog? Better with Jesus.

Having a beer? Better with Jesus.

Gardening? Better with Jesus, of course.

Watching the sunset or sunrise? Better with Jesus.

Life is simply better lived with Jesus.

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